Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Five(ish) Fangirls Episode #356: Igniting The Fire Part 7 (1955)

We're rolling along with our history lesson via Billy Joel into 1955. Did you know that Elvis was a twin? Which future Star Wars star predicted James Dean's fatal car crash? Listen and find out. Plus the news, some housekeeping, and a few tangents. 

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Meatloaf passes away at 74

Moon Knight trailer

-Capes on the Couch Issue #4: Moon Knight

SAG Award nominees

GenCon 2022 Charity Partners

Gold Standard Episode #42: Midnight Cowboy

Gold Standard Patreon Episode, January 2022: The Hours (2002)


Albert Einstein: Greatest Mind of the Twentieth Century | Full Documentary | Biography

Real Speech of Albert Einstein | Voice of Albert Einstein | Einstein Was Speaking

The Real Interview with Albert Einstein | Radio Interview Einstein In USA (1940)

The Real Meaning of E=mc2

Albert Einstein (stock footage/archival footage)

A Man Steals Albert Einstein’s Brain and Keeps It In His Basement For 23 Years

Alec Guinness warned James Dean one week before his death: “Please do not get into that car!”

Dennis Hopper threatened James Dean in the back of a car | The Dick Cavett Show

James Dean: Biography of a Rebel Without a Cause

James Dean safe driving PSA

James Dean: The Making of Hollywood’s Iconic Rebel

Brooklyn Dodgers celebrate winning the 1955 National League Pennant on the Ed Sullivan Show

1955 Brooklyn Dodgers: Champs at Last WCBS TV Special - 1985 (with commercials)

1955 World Series Dodgers win

Dodgers’ Brooklyn 1955 Win, LA Move & More: Ex-Broadcasters Vin Scully Remembers | Sports Illustrated

Davy Crockett King of the Wild Frontier - Disneycember

Fess Parker on the challenges of playing Davy Crockett

Fess Parker on “Davy Crockett” merchandise

Davy Crockett - Indian Removal Act

Peter Pan 1960, Mary Martin restored

The Messed Up Origins of Peter Pan | Disney Explained - Jon Solo

Disney Peter Pan (1953) - Captain Hook scared of Tic-Tock Croc

“I’m Flying” from the 1960 TV version of Peter Pan

  • Elvis Presley signs with RCA Records on November 21, beginning his pop career, going on to earn a reputation as the "King of Rock and Roll".

Elvis Presley Magnolia Gardens August 7, 1955

Elvis Presley - A Boy From Tupelo

Sun Days With Elvis - plus Elvis Presley’s America

Elvis Presley - That’s All Right (Audio)

1955 Disneyland Opening Day [Complete ABC Broadcast]

Walt Disney’s opening day dedication speech at Disneyland 1955


Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Five(ish) Fangirls Episode #355: Live, Exterminate, Repeat

The time has come for the 13th Doctor's final holiday special with the return of a familiar foe. Join us as we take a look at 'Eve of the Daleks' along with Doctor Who's use/non-use of tropes and what we wish to see as 13 bids adieu to the TARDIS. Plus a little bit of news and your feedback. 

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Sci-fi and fantasy author David Farland has passed away

Donate to the LA Zoo


Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Five(ish) Fangirls Episode #354: Happy Hawkeye-days!

All Clint Barton wanted to do was spend some quality time with his kids in NYC before spending the holidays back at the family farm. Unfortunately, his past actions as the Ronin have come back to haunt him. With his new partner, Kate Bishop, in tow, can Barton atone for his actions get home in time for Christmas? Join us as we take a look at the first (and hopefully not only) season of Hawkeye on Disney+, plus we're back with the news and your feedback. 

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Oscar winner Sidney Potier, dead at 94

-Imagined Life Podcast S4 E2: The Dishwasher

Full House star Bob Saget, dead at 65

GenCon 2022 badges go on sale January 30

2022 Golden Globe winners

Gold Standard Episode #41: Oliver!

Book club update

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Five(ish) Fangirls Episode #353: Thank You For Being A Friend

She was the First Lady of Television, the Queen of Game shows, and everyone's favorite former resident of St. Olaf. And now we take this week to celebrate the life and career of Betty White. 

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Census Taker vs Old Lady - SNL

Pink’s Hot Dogs giving proceeds from sales of ‘Betty White Naked Hot Dog’ to LA Zoo

Betty White. A Legend.

Betty White Snickers commercial

Betty White 1964 Kodak commercial

1982 Q-Tips commercial w/Betty White

Betty White & The Matching Game

The Great Herring War

What happens when there’s only one of us left

Even lions love Betty White