-Who are you ladies?
We are five friends, in 4 different states and 1 different country who really love geek culture. You can find out more about each of us here.

-Why a podcast?
We had done some hangouts on Google and Skype before, and realized that we had a lot to say (we spent 4 hours online talking about the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special). We figured, if we're going to talk, why not hit record and put it out there for others to listen to. Thus the Five(ish) Fangirls were born!

-What's the story behind the podcast's name?
Our name is two-fold: first it's an homage to the Five(ish) Doctors Reboot, which in itself is an homage to the Five Doctors.

The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot

This is because Doctor Who is what originally brought all of us together, through (what is now our brother podcast) Traveling the Vortex.

Second, while we'd always like to have all 5 of us present for every single show, we know that real life can get in the way, thus we are sometimes "ish" because not all of us are there.

-Why do all of you sound so different in the show? 
Like we said, we're spread out so we rely on Skype to do our shows. Skype in itself works pretty well (most of the time), but there's also other factors like internet connection strength and what devices we're each using. Not all of us are on a laptop, sometimes it's a tablet or even a cell phone! This creates the variances you hear in our voices. In a perfect world we'd all have super strong internet, all the same computer and microphones....but for now we're making it work. We hope you enjoy the podcast regardless of any technical hiccups!

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