Monday, May 11, 2015

Five(ish) Fangirls Episode #44: My Mom Is #1

It's that time of year to celebrate the moms in our lives, include some of those in our favorite fandoms. Listen as we talk about our "Top 10" favorite fandom moms, who cover a plethora of ages, backgrounds, and stages of motherhood.

In news we have more casting announcements in the MCU (really at this point who ISN'T in the MCU), a potential movie sequal and/or reboot (no script, no director, no idea if it'll ever happen), and lots of official TV show return announcements, and a show cancellation that made most of us really, really, mad.

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Martin Freeman joins the MCU
The Muppets are officially back
Heroes Reborn gets an air date (sort of)
It's that time of year, which shows got renewed and which got cancelled

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