Thursday, June 4, 2015

30 Days of Channel Surfing Photo Challenge

Time to change things up again. Taking a break from the normal "The ABCs Of" photo challenge to do "The 30 Days of Channel Surfing" photo challenge. Since most of our shows are on their breaks until Fall, Brittany has decided on a  TV show theme for June. Here is the list

**You can also use Internet shows (like Netfix Originals)**

  1. Favorite Opening Titles
  2. Device you use most often to watch shows ((Television, Computer, Smartphone, tablet, etc))
  3. The last show you mainlined
  4. Favorite Show based off (Or is a continuation of) a movie
  5. Favorite “New to You”  show you started this last year
  6. Online streaming site you use.
  7. One (Or more if you can’t choose just one) of your favorite OTPs
  8. Favorite miniseries
  9. Favorite TV Animal
  10. Favorite Premium Channel ((HBO, Showtime, Starz, etc)) show
  11. Favorite Show that was recommended to you
  12. Favorite male TV character
  13. Favorite TV Show OST
  14. Television network that host most of the shows you watch
  15. A TV show cast/crew you would love to hang out with all the time
  16. Favorite quote
  17. Show that ended before its time
  18. Favorite female TV character
  19. Favorite costume/outfit
  20. Show you think didn’t/doesn’t get the recognition it deserves
  21. Show you can watch over and over again
  22. Favorite behind-the-scenes photo
  23. Favorite show based off a book
  24. TV show universe you would want to live in
  25. Favorite show that was on before you were born
  26. Favorite new show that started this last year
  27. Upcoming show you are most excited to see
  28. Favorite ensemble cast
  29. Show that you have been wanting to watch but have yet to watch
  30. Favorite season/series finale

The rules are simple: Take/Find a picture that matches the entry for each picture, and post the picture on Instagram,Tumblr. Facebook, Twitter. Etc. You can use the same show on as many entries as you want/need.  The hashtag to use and look for is #The30DaysOfChannelSurfing.
Come Join the fun starting next Monday June 1st.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, someone will answer. As always, if you have any suggestions for future photo challenge, send them Brittany's way (
As always have fun.... and stay strong, our shows will be back before we know it. ((Hopefully))

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  1. Since most of our shows are on their breaks until Fall, Brittany has decided on a TV show theme for June. Here is the list
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