Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Favorites Of Marvel

With Captain America just days away from it's release; we have decided to dedicate May's photo challenge to Marvel. So in a similar fashion  as we did back in December with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we are doing  "The Favorites Of Marvel".
Anything Marvel related that was on screen (Movies, One Shots, Shows via T.V and Internet) is fair game. Meaning that it is just not the MCU that is in play, this photo challenge also includes all other  Marvel based franchise (Such as X-Men, Dead Pool Fantastic 4, the previous Spider-man movies, etc).

Normal we are quite lax on any kind of "rules", but this time we have one pretty big rule: NO CIVIL WAR SPOILERS PLEASE.
Other than that, everything is the same as the other photo challenges. Here is the list for each day:

  1. Favorite male character
  2. Saddest/most shocking scene
  3. Favorite non-human character
  4. Favorite Marvel movie
  5. Favorite friendship
  6. Favorite Marvel TV/Netflix show
  7. Favorite ride/transportation
  8. Favorite hero
  9. Favorite scene
  10. Favorite piece of technology
  11. Favorite actor
  12. Favorite uniform/outfit
  13. Most anticipated upcoming movie
  14. Favorite Stan Lee cameo
  15. Favorite mid-credit/post-credit scene
  16. Favorite one-shot
  17. Favorite actress
  18. Favorite planet
  19. Favorite presence on social media
  20. First Marvel movie you ever saw
  21. Favorite original character (made up for a movie/series, has non-comic origins)
  22. Favorite Easter egg
  23. Favorite “ship” (romantic)
  24. Favorite line
  25. Favorite villain
  26. Funniest scene
  27. Favorite female character
  28. Funniest line
  29. Actor/actress you most want to meet
  30. Character you want to cosplay
  31. Favorite meme

Starting Sunday May 1st, the hashtag to use and look for is #TheFavoritesOfMarvel
As always if you have any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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