Thursday, August 10, 2017

Gen Con 50 Preview: Dized Invites All GenCon Attendees To Sit Upon The Throne of Games

-By Rachel

Playmore Games, developers of Dized, the board game companion app that "removes the rulebooks and gets gamers playing right away" has announced that Dized will have a presence at this year's Gen Con. While the app launches on IndieGogo on August 28th, during Gen Con 50, Dized will construct a giant throne of games for attendee photos and one attendee will win the throne and all of the games after the show.

Daenerys My Reign Has Just Begun gif

Valued at more than $5000, Dized's Throne of Games will feature more than 100 new and classic board games, including Dominion, 7 Wonders, King of Tokyo, Pandemic, Catan, Smash Up and much more. The throne will be the showcase in the Dized booth (#2941) and attendees will have the opportunity to sit on the throne and have a photo (oh how I wish I had my Daenerys cosplay completed!) The winner of the Throne of Games will have it delivered to their home in a celebratory fashion.

"We wanted something big to celebrate Dized's upcoming launch on IndieGogo and Gen Con 50," says Jouni Jussila, Dized/Playmore Games CEO. "Dized's Throne of Games will be a must-do for everyone attending Gen Con. Who doesn't want to win a giant throne of board games!"

Dized launches via IndieGogo August 28, Sign-up is now open to receive news, early announcements and other promotions. For more information, visit

Dized Throne of Games
(Not actual image of Throne of Games)

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