Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Five(ish) Fangirls Episode #295: For The Love of Lennon

He was an author, artist, musician, husband, father...he was also part of one of the greatest songwriting duos and bands of all time. In honor of his 80th birthday, join us as we celebrate the life of John Lennon. Plus a little bit of housekeeping related news and your feedback.


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WDW Radio Show #103 – John Lennon, The Beatles and Walt Disney World – Interview with May Pang 



(Just Like) Starting Over-John Lennon

Julia (Remastered)

Hello Little Girl-The Fourmost

My Bonnie (Anthology 1 Version)

Love Me Do (Remastered)

The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show

John Lennon ‘bigger than Jesus’ interview

Strawberry Fields Forever

All You Need Is Love (Remastered 2015)

John Lennon interview in Stockholm

Give Peace A Chance-Plastic Ono Band

Whatever Gets You Through The Night (Remastered 2010)

Howard Colsell tells the world John Lennon is dead during Monday night football

George Harrison shows up at SNL wanting his $3000

John Lennon on why the Beatles ended-The Dick Cavett Show

Watching the Wheels-John Lennon


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