Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Five(is)h Fangirls Episode #361: Mystery Actor Archive Vol 16

We're back to drawing celebrity names out of the hat! Which Irish-born actor went from working at the Guinness Brewery to crashing on Helen Mirren's couch on their way to stardom? And which star's role in a blockbuster series of films garnered them an appearance in a Disney attraction? Plus we've got the news, your feedback, and some end-of-the-month housekeeping.

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Gate 10 Parking reservations now on sale for GenCon 2022

Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers trailer

SAG Award winners

Help Molly Southgate go to writer’s camp

Book club updates



Liam Neeson's Catholic faith has waned but mum still devout at 90

Star Wars actor rattles sabres

Liam Neeson: Bloody Sunday made me learn my history

Liam Neeson graduates 40 years on

From the EW archives: How Steven Spielberg brought Schindler's List to life

Liam Neeson ‘Love Actually’ interview

Hollywood actor John Rhys-Davies: 'I'm very proud of being a Welshman'

Lord of the Rings’ uncredited Gimli double did the work, and has the tattoo to prove it

Exclusive: Rhys-Davies On The Hobbit

Temple of the Forbidden Eye film reel with warning and other news broadcasts


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