Saturday, September 10, 2016

Our Loot Crate DREAM Crate!

If there's one thing that geeks love (ourselves included) it's stuff! When you are a fan of something, you love to show that love off with clothing, collectibles and other items. There are a lot of options and places where we geeks can pick up our geek swag, but one of the most unique is Loot Crate. Loot Crate is a monthly subscription box, specially curated with the exclusive licensed figures, t-shirts, home good and more! Even more exciting is that they offer several types of crates to fit your budget and/or tastes, descriptions and pricing of which can be found at

Now while Loot Crate does an awesome job of picking some great products for their subscribers, we couldn't help for wonder if we were in charge, what OUR crate would look like. So we pooled our collective fangirl heads together and came up with the.....GIRL POWER Five(ish) Fangirls Podcast Dream Crate!

Our crate is a celebration of some of the strong and inspiring women and girls in some of our favorite fandoms. Since there's 5 of us, we decided to go BIG and include a larger number of items than what Loot Crate usually offers, after all, this is our dream crate so it's go big or go home. So here's what we've included:

1: Supergirl Poster: She may be the Man of Steel's cousin, but she's no less powerful.
2: TARDIS Coat: She's the Doctor's oldest and most constant companion and one of the most amazing spaceships to ever traverse through time and space.
3: Five(ish) Fangirls Podcast T-shirt: We couldn't resist ;-)
4: Rey Funko Pop Figure: Funko Pop figures are a particular weakness of our's, and Rey was a breakout star in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
5: Finding Dory Reusable Tote: Dory has proven again and again that no matter our past, there is nothing stronger than the power of friendship.
6: Self-rescuing Princess Mug: Because not every princess needs a knight in shining armor to save the day.
7: Sailor Chibi Moon Knee-High Socks: She's the Sailor Soldier of Friendship and as adorable as these socks
8: Black Widow Bracelet: She's a super spy and kicks major butt, you just better hope she's fighting for the same side you are on.
9: Powerpuff Girls Throw: They're made from sugar, spice and everything nice....and are always ready to defend Townsville from villains and monsters.

Now while our crate does not exist (yet, but we can always dream!), you can always sign up for what Loot Crate has to offer right now on their website and become a Looter fan like us.

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