Wednesday, June 17, 2020

The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh: A D&D Adventure (Session 6)

Our gang finds themselves once again in the mansion, in the basement. They ventured through the other hidden door, the one by the beds, and discovered a series of tunnels carved into the rock. A number of the paths were dark and musty, but a seemingly defined pathway was lit with torches mounted to the rock walls. Voices could be heard in the distance, so the group had to move quietly. Using her small size and stealthy nature to their advantage, Betty manages to get close enough to count the number of bodies in a nearby cove; including the huge hobgoblin guarding the entrance. Managing to get far enough away to make a plan unheard, it is decided that Leah will use an invisibility spell on Betty, her small stature allowing her to move practically silently and hopefully get in a sneak attack on the guard while the others come in behind her to take the rest by surprise. Unfortunately, their plan fails as Betty only manages to give the guard an unintentional hug instead, spoiling the surprise. Grossly outnumbered, the ladies find themselves battling for their lives within the tight confines of the tunnel system. Thankfully they do have a new ally, Enya’s wolf Ember, has returned from the Druid healers and is ready to take a chunk out of some bad guys, literally. Ember’s fighting prowess is just what they need to take down the large group of smugglers, including their supposed leader who’s as well versed in magic as they suspected and feared. The smugglers are defeated, leaving behind evidence of their shady business practices along with a handy rowboat. The ladies know that this contraband needs to be taken into town, but there’s still the matter of the top floor of the mansion that has yet to be investigated.

Roll 20
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