Saturday, May 16, 2020

The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh: A D&D Adventure (Session 3)

When we last saw our group of adventurers, they had entered the alchemist’s mansion. After searching most of the rooms on the ground floor and an uncomfortable encounter with a swarm of spiders, the foursome found themselves in the basement via a trap door, hidden from view in the dark and dust. Unfortunately, they quickly found out they were not alone in the house. A group of bandits, likely smugglers, had taken up residence and were quick to take up a fight. Quite the scuffle ensued, but our adventurers eventually emerged the winners, albeit a bit worse for wear.

After examining their fallen foes for clues to their identities, and any possible loot, further examination of the basement was required. A smaller yet more opulent room was discovered, likely belonging to the ringleader of this group of thugs, full of more clues and loot for the picking. It appeared that the leader, while appearing to be a somewhat skilled mariner, also dabbled in magic.
The more they explored the basement, the more secrets it seemed to reveal, this time a hidden door in the wall opposite the beds presumably used by the gang. The door lead to the wine cellar, which included a set of stairs that would lead to the landing the group originally found themselves in upon first entering the house. 

They didn’t have time to contemplate the seemingly strange layout of the house, as the cellar, while lacking in bottles of wine, did contain a body lying on the stone floor. Unsure if the person was dead or just unconscious, the group received their answer when a large mass of maggots emerged from the body and headed for our heroes. Another fight, thankfully once again emerging victorious but no closer to finding the alchemist’s lab or spell book, the team finds themselves with a decision.
Ghosts of Saltmarsh
Roll 20
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