Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh: A D&D Adventure (Session 4)

Success! Maybe? After taking on a small gang of skeleton zombies, a secret door to the alchemist’s lab appeared! Unfortunately the fate of the alchemist was confirmed when they were attacked by his remains, complete with acid that caused significant damage to Enya’s armor. With teamwork though the alchemist, or what remained of him, was defeated and he disappeared into a pile of dust
Upon entering the lab, it appeared that they had literally struck gold. Several gold items were mixed in with the lab equipment, along with some books including what appeared to be the spell book that Keledek had asked for. Packing up their loot in their handy new bag-of-holding, the group quickly left the mansion and went back to town. After a meal and a drink, their first stop, Keledek’s tower.

The wizard was surprised to see the quartet return so soon, but was nevertheless pleased to hear they had acquired what he was looking for. After inspecting their loot, their hearts fell when Keledek burst into laughter. In his opinion, the so-called alchemist was nothing but a big phony! Thankfully all was not lost as Keledek still offered to pay them for their finds, even if the gold wasn’t as valuable as originally thought. Even better was the higher sum the wizard paid out after some persuasion on Finnea’s part.

After departing the wizard’s tower, the group took advantage of it still being early in the day to sell off the rest of their loot and getting Enya some new armor as hers’ was a lost cause due to the alchemist’s acid attacks. Their bag-of-holding lighter and their coin purses heavier, the adventure had already paid off quite handsomely. However they knew that they hadn’t completely accomplished their hired task and that meant going back to the mansion.

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